Production & Quality

CASSIDA combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary and unique designs under the use of the most premium materials.

We work with tibetian Highland wools which are the most durable wool types in the world. Further we are working with extremely high quality Chinese silk in order to fulfill the high expectations of our clients. We offer more than 1.000 colours, 155.000 knots per square meter and a modular system for customized productions.

Tibetan craftsmanship knots with the traditional loop knot. These loops are put around a rod and afterwards sliced row by row. Thus the pile is spread and the carpet gets its marvelous fleecy character. When the carpet is finished, the pattern is emphasized by precise relief shearing. Colour and pattern elements are outlined by hand with scissors. Then the whole carpet surface is evenly sheared. The following refinement, the hand washing, is one of the most important steps in the process, responsible for the lively look of the carpet. The refinement washing gives the Nepal carpet its exclusive shine and the naturally shading surface structure. At the same time the carpet is cleaned from loose wool pieces and becomes soil-resisting. The carpet is spanned for drying, so it keeps its shape.



Our goal is to provide our clients the very best quality under the use of superior materials and manufactured by our highly experienced workforce.


With our expert logistics partner network we offer you fast and reliable worldwide shipments – delivered directly to your home or office.


In order to maintain your CASSIDA rug in perfect condition, we offer you laundry, repair services and expert advisery service. Feel free to contact us with your request.

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