About Cassida Rugs

„Expect the Unexpected“ – This brand new luxury rug line created by Designer Michael Quester overrules all established and old fashioned rug design concepts and sets new standards in the design industry.

“We understand the demands of our modern and design devoted customers
who are searching for high quality rugs designed for the 21st century. At the same time we don’t ignore the signs of our time and produce all our products under strictly controlled fair trade conditions. Let us take you on a journey into a new design experience.”

Mag. Michael Quester

Mag. Michael Quester


After graduating in Marketing & Sales, followed by several adventurous years of restoring and redesigning classic Italian motorcycles and scooters, Michael started in 2008 with his first independent fashion line „CASSIDA“ after winning several international design contests in the fashion industry.

CASSIDA Clothing concentrates on glamorous high end quality clothing and became an overnight
success after Hollywood’s elite like Johnny Depp, Pink, Black Eyed Peas, All4One, Moby and many more
discovered his line.

More recently, Michael decided to implement the CASSIDA style concept for interiors and together with the renowned Austrian luxury rug specialist, Omar Besim, created one of the most comprehensive modern luxury rug collections, combining centuries-old traditions with state-of-the-art design….AND there is more to come !

Martin Harris

Martin Harris

Co-Founder/Mktg & Sales

Martin looks back on a very successful, international career as global executive manager in the high-tech industry, as well as consultant and investor in several successful startups.

Over the years, his career has taken him to many countries around the world, which has given him the opportunity to appreciate a multitude of different cultures and their related arts and crafts.

“As an early CASSIDA Rugs customer and admirer of Michael’s truly unique design ideas, I immediately jumped at the opportunity to come into CASSIDA Rugs as an investor and join Michael in his endeavor to bring these magnificent master pieces into the homes of our global clients that have acceptance only for the highest standards in quality and craftsmanship.”

Omar Besim

Omar Besim

Co-Founder/Rug Expert

Omar is one of the most recognized rug experts in Europe and runs the Adil Besim / Omar Besim family business in 3rd generation. With his comprehensive knowledge and experience, Omar is of great value for Cassida Rugs and also runs the main showroom in the heart of Vienna.

“With our modern CASSIDA Rugs line we adopt to the changed demands of our clients, asking for superior quality and state of the art design. When I first asked Michael to create a few designs it became suddenly clear to emphazise all efforts on this new line. By now this new collection consists of more than 400 designs and the project business field for customized rugs is increasing day by day as well.”

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